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  • Side view of a silver and black knitted scalemaille dicebag. The top is cinched tight.

The Birth of a Dragon

If necessity is the mother of invention, thrift is the father. Back in the mists of time I bought a few thousand aluminum scales intending to make actual armor for my husband, the kind that is scale over chainmail. I got about an inch of rings linked before I realized that was never going to happen, but I couldn’t bear to waste the scales. After much experimentation, I discovered the technique I use now, that gives each scale two loops of yarn to hold it to the knitting. This allows structure and maintains the flexibility, comfort, and stretch of a knitted sweater. No metal touches the skin except lightly at the very edge.

I carry many colors of aluminum scales in stock, including red, orange, gold, green, blue, purple, hot pink, bronze, mirror gold, brushed gold, mirror silver, brushed silver, frost silver, white, grey, black. Additionally, I carry plastic glow-in-the-dark scales. Other shades are available for custom order in titanium, niobium or even sterling silver.

I am happy to combine colors to make your Dragonhide dream reality.


Dragonhide dice bags come in four standard sizes:

  • The Small size (3.5” x 3.5”) will hold a single handful of dice, just enough for one standard set of rpg dice.
  • The Medium size (4.5” x 4.5”) can hold up to about 40 dice.
  • The Dice Bag of Almost Holding is cylindrical, with a round crocheted base and removable plastic insert to hold shape. The base is about 2.5” in diameter and the sides rise 4.5” tall. It will hold over 60 dice.
  • The Dice Bag of Holding can hold well over 100 dice. It has the same cylindrical shape and features as the Dice Bag of Almost Holding, but is about 6” tall and 3.5” across.

All the dice bags close quickly and easily with double leather drawstrings. Vegan alternatives are available at no extra charge.

A transparent-background photo of a fire-pattern large knitted dragonhide dicebag, cinched shut.
  • A medium gold and green scalemaille dice bag, cinched tight with tan leather straps.

Gauntlets & Sleeves

Dragonhide gauntlets are available for any size wrist. Standard sizes are:

  • 6”
  • 6.5”
  • 7″

I do not charge extra for customizing size.

The short gauntlets go to just above the wrist and are stock items. Elbow length gauntlets are made to your measurements to fit like a glove.

A transparent-background photo of rainbow-striped dragonhide gauntlets.
  • A pair of phoenix-pattern dragonhide guantlets

Epaulets & Pauldrons

A transparent-background photo of gold dragonhide epaulets on a mannequin.
  • Red scailemaille epaulets, scales pointing in towards the neck, modelled on a dress form.


  • A black and red dragonhide collar with matching feather trim, modelled on a mannequin

Costumes & Customs

  • A knitted scalemaille skirt with a snakeskin pattern modelled on a dress form


  • Two round, fluffy spider hats, one white, one white and brown.

Costumes & Accessories

  • A grey capelet with black trim, the hood lowered, modelled by a young woman.